This Course Carries 11 structured CPD hours as defined by the

Mindful CBT Mentoring Course

Mindfulness-based CBT Dentist Training Programme


“My name is Philip Christie and I am a practising dentist for close to 40 years.  I hold a Master’s degree in Dental Science as well as a Master’s degree in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  My career has been about bringing about a kind of synthesis between Dental Science and Human Science, the Objective and the Subjective, Science and Art. I have designed this course to provide a one-on-one practical stress reduction/resilience protocol for dentists. It is based on the well documented effects of a method known as Mindfulness and a Psychotherapeutic modality called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

It aims to enhance mental, emotional and physical wellbeing as well as reducing stress and anxiety which can lead to burnout. It also has benefits in enhancing inter-personal relationships, communication and conflict resolution which are invaluable in reducing the risk of litigation. There is a clinical component (2 x 3 hour sessions) where I demonstrate the methodologies in the clinic with you as well as a 5 session personal component dealing with the theoretical underpinnings of the method. I look forward to working with you.”

Philip Christie
B.Dent.Sc., M.Dent.Sc (Perio), M.A. (CBT)

Course Outline

Dentistry is a difficult job at the best of times. The procedures require a lot of skill and care and there are many stresses associated with that care. Our education as dentists is heavy with the science and objective evidence for our interventions but we have no education whatever in basic human values and skills. In many ways this makes our education unfit for purpose and leaves wonderfully caring and compassionate dentists floundering in a sea of official regulations but without the safety of an understanding of the subjective arts of relationship and communication.


How Will The Course Help You?

Dental education is not complete if it fails to address the human being.  We as human beings cannot serve our fellow human beings as dentists if we know nothing of human behaviour.  The problems of our profession with litigation are problems of communication but communication does not feature on the dental curriculum.  This points to an incomplete education.

This mentoring course will help you to add the missing piece and join the dots to complete the picture.

For that reason, it can lay claim to many benefits that are very generalised and seem to be over promising.  The reason is that an incomplete picture creates confusion and lack of clarity.  When the missing pieces are added, many of the components of the picture come to light and make sense where they did not before.


Primary Objectives of the Course

That is why we can say with confidence that this course can achieve all the following benefits for you.

  • Eliminate stress in your practice
  • Use personal choice to your advantage in deciding how you wish to practice
  • Create very satisfied patients who will recommend you
  • Create appreciation in your patients
  • Achieve great clinical outcomes
  • Achieve happiness as a clinician

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